you don't read or speak french...

English  is the only language we can use, apart from French, to communicate with you. The other ones learned a long time ago, at school or in our personal lives, are far away in our memories. We apologize for this so basic a knowledge in foreign languages. You won't be surprised... French people are not exactly known for being very skilful in this matter. However, we do our best and it is a pleasure to use English with people coming - or wanting to come - from abroad. Even if it is not their native language, English - at least basic one (Euroenglish) -  has become a bridge between us inside our Babel tower. 

Please could non English natives accept our apologize for the narrowness of our web site’s translation. Despite being very much convinced that Europe is not only a question of money, and that our cultural exchanges  could represent a rich opportunity to learn, we heartbreakingly had to abandon the idea of multilingual access. The daily updating was really out of  reach for us considering our limited capacities both in time and in vocabulary.

Should you really need to better understand one of our websites’s information, you can use the automatic translator we have implemented in most of pages. It is becoming more and more efficient for basic communication, and sometimes also a really good laugh to the odd or funny results ! 

And please, don't hesitate to send an e-mail or to give a call. It will be a pleasure for us to answer as fast and as far as we can.

Looking forward to meeting you soon

Claire & Pierre